v0.1.9: “Five curtain calls”

The whole GTG development team is pleased to announce that after months of hard work, we’ve just released a new version of Getting Things GNOME!, codenamed “Five curtain calls”. Don’t even hesitate, rush on our Launchpad project page and download the archive or, if you prefer, download the packaged version for Debian and Ubuntu from our PPA!

The GTG 0.1.9 release is a beta release for the upcoming 0.2, which is due very soon. It packs a huge amount of new features, among them:

  • support for plugins, thanks to Paulo Cabido’s Google Summer of Code
  • already 6 plugins available:
    • Remember the milk synchronization
    • hamster integration
    • bugzilla
    • geolocation
    • tomboy
    • notification area
  • improved performances
  • support for tag groups
  • improved editor UI
  • fuzzy due dates

The 0.2 release will also fixes not less than 99 bugs! Thanks to our new GTG developers (Paulo Cabido, Luca Invernizzi and Kevin Mehall), a terrific work has been achieved for 0.1.9!

As this is a beta release, we kindly ask every adventurous testers to help us make the soon-to-come 0.2 a great release by reporting any unnoticed bug to our project page.

Unfortunately, this release also comes with 2 unresolved bugs that worth mentioning:

  • A bug with intel GPU drivers in Ubuntu 9.10 distributions may prevent tag color squares from appearing. It seems that upgrading to a newest version of those drivers fixes that. More info on the bug page.
  • A GTK bug causes some errors to show on standard output if you run GTG from a terminal, this bug has been reported upstream.

Those 2 bugs are caused by upstream bugs and will only be corrected once the related apps will be fixed, which should happen anytime.

Anyway, we’ll soon come back with a new, shiny, a full-featured 0.2 release that will sure rock. Until then, we hope you’ll like GTG 0.1.9 as much as we do!