v0.2.2: Protector

After just one month since the last release, the GTG development team is pleased to announce the release of Getting things GNOME! 0.2.2, codename “Protector”. This one is the last of the 0.2.X serie: we have already started breaking everything to make GTG faster and better.

Aside from the tons of bug fixes that ship with every release, this one features a brand new preference dialog and integration with Docky.

On the new plug-ins side, you’ll get one to send tasks via email, another that can import tasks from JSON, and the last one that can delete old closed tasks automatically (which makes GTG faster if you have a huge amount of tasks). The RememberTheMilk plugin is now stable and features tags synchronization. Finally, we support the libindicator library, making GTG “Ubuntu Lucid” ready.